Pre-Order // Rillest In the Room - Bless Picasso
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Pre-Order // Rillest In the Room - Bless Picasso

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    Genre: HipHop
    Release Date: May 31st 2024
    Format: LP
    Label: Black Pentagon / Man Bites Dog
    Condition: New

    With a savage sun beating down on them, men work clawing and digging their way through layers of earth to find it. Encrusted in sediment, hidden from the outside world, the most precious gems lay in wait. Bless Picasso has gifted you shovels. "The Rillest in the Room '' much like the diamonds, rubies and sapphires is a rare and unique treasure. Beneath the surface, Bless Picasso has put together easily one of the most compelling pieces of art to come from the underground in a long time. Not content with being the King of the Tide, Bless has set his sights on a much grander vision. Enjoy this friends, savory it for an album like this only comes around but only so often.